This  Financial  Services  Guide  (“FSG”)  dated 21 October 2021 is  provided  to  you  by LEARN  TO TRADE PTY  LTDACN  138  178  542 (“LTT”, “we”, “our”,  “us”)  to  inform  you about the  financial services  provided  by  us  and  also  to  comply  with our obligations    as    the    holder    of    Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) No. 339557.  This FSG will assist you in deciding whether to use our services    and    contains    important    information about:
- who we are;
- what  financial  services  we  provide  and  the products to which those services relate;
- who we act for;
- what other documents you may receive;
- who is responsible for the financial services we provide;
- how you can instruct us;
- what remuneration and other benefits may be paid to us, our employees or others;
- what  to  do  if  you  have  a  complaint, and how it will be dealt with;
- our compensation arrangements;
- for  what  purpose  we  may use  your  contact data or personal information;
- any  associations  or  relationships  we  may have with financial product issuers; and
- how you can contact us.
This  FSG  contains  only  general  information about the services we offer. If you still have any questions after reading this FSG, please  contact us. Our contact details are listed at the end of this document.

Who are we..

LTT is  a  member  of  the Learn  to  Trade group  of companies, which employs over 100 people across the  globe, with  operations  in  Australia, the UK, Spain, the Philippines, and South Africa.

What financial services  we  provide and what kinds of financial products those services relate to..

LTT holds  an  AFSL  (No.  339557)  which  authorizes us to provide you with advice in relation to securities, foreign exchange contracts and derivatives.

Who do we act for when providing these services..

LTT is   responsible   for   the   financial   services   it provides  to  you  under  its  AFSL,  and  does  not  act on behalf of any other financial services licensee.

Nature of advice/documentation you may receive..

We are obliged to warn you that unless otherwise expressly  agreed,  we  will  only  provide  you  with general  advice,  which  does  not  take  account  of your   objectives,   financial   situation   or   needs.  Therefore,  you  are  required  to  ensure  that  you obtain prior advice regarding the suitability of our products  and  services  for  your  personal  financial needs,   objectives   and   circumstances,   from   a licensed professional.

Where, as part of our “coaching” services, we collect  and  take  into  consideration,  information regarding  your financial  circumstances  and  needs AND expressly agree to provide you with personal advice,  you  will  receive  a  Statement  of  Advice (SoA). We are required to have a reasonable basis for  our  advice  and  to  act  in  your  best  interests when providing you with personal advice.

The  SoA  will  contain  the  advice,  the  underlying basis  for  our  recommendations  and  information regarding  commissions,  fees  or  associations  with third  parties  which  may  influence  our  advice.  We may  also  provide  you  with  a  Record  of  Advice (RoA) where further advice is sought in relation to that  provided  in  the  SoA  and  where  there  is  no significant  change  to  your  circumstances.  Please note  that  any  advice  and  recommendations  we provide  will  be  impacted  if  you  provide  incorrect, incomplete or limited information.

If   we   recommend   a   specific   product   (except securities),  we  will do  so  in  line  with its  target market determination (TMD) and also provide you with    a    Product    Disclosure    Statements    (PDS) prepared by the relevant product issuer which will contain  information  to  enable  you  to  make  an informed   decision   regarding   the   key   risks   and benefits of using that product.

How you can instruct us..

LTT    provides    services    predominantly    through seminars,     webinars,     telephone and     virtual coaching    sessions.    Our    terms    &    conditions agreement  details  the  relevant  terms  governing our  services,  including  our  fees  and  termination arrangements.

You  can  use  our  services  by  contacting  us  by telephone, or email.

Please note  that  LTT  is  not  authorized  to  accept instructions   from   you   to   deal   in   a   financial product.    Should  you  wish  to  act  on  the  general advice   provided   by   us,   you   should   give   your instructions  directly  to  an  appropriately  licensed provider.

How is LTT Remunerated..

A  fee  is  payable  when  you  attend  one  of  our courses  or  purchase  coaching  sessions  additional to  the  complimentary  ones  packaged  with  the course.    Current    pricing    for    our    educational products  is  advised  at  our  seminars,  courses  and coaching    sessions,    or    can    be    obtained    by contacting us.

In  addition,  we  may  also  receive  remuneration from third party product providers we recommend or  refer  you  to, whose  products  you may   choose   to   use   in   conjunction   with   our services.Any   remuneration   we   receive   in   this regard,  is  included  in  the  fees  and  commissions you pay to such provider – you do not pay extra.

How does LTT pay its representatives..

Our representatives are paid by way of retainer or salary and may also receive discretionary bonuses linked     to performance,     and     non-monetary rewards from time to time. We maintain a register of any benefits that our representatives receive.

If  you  have  a  complaint,  how  it  will  be  dealt with..

LTT has  an  internal  dispute  resolution  process  in place  to  resolve  any  complaints  or  concerns  you may   have   quickly   and   fairly. A   copy   of   these procedures may be obtained by contacting us and requesting  a  copy  which  will  be  provided to  you free of charge. Any  complaints  or  concerns  should  be  addressed to our    Compliance    Manager    by    email    to, who will acknowledge your complaints with 1 business day and seek to resolve your complaint within 30days or  such  further  period  that  may  reasonably  be required given the nature of the complaint. If  you  are dissatisfied  with  the  outcome,  you  will then  have  the  right  to  lodge  a  complaint  with  the Australian   Financial   Complaints   Authority   [Tel: 1800   931   678   or],   the approved  external  dispute  resolution  scheme,  of which LTT is a member.

Our Compensation Arrangements..

In compliance  with  s912B  of  the  Corporations  Act 2001   (Cth)   and   ASIC   RG   126, LTT maintains professional  indemnity  insurance  in  connection with   the   financial   products   and   services   we provide,  including  any  claims  in  relation  to  the conduct of our former   representatives and/or employees.

For what purpose do we use your contact data or personal information..

We  recognize  the  importance  of  ensuring  that comprehensive  and  accurate  records  of  all  client interactions  are  maintained  in  accordance  with our legal obligations. We recognize the importance  of  ensuring  that  you  have  confidence in  the  way  we  handle  your  personal  information and  that  it  is  kept  private.  We  have  procedures which include the secure storage of your personal information.      A   copy   of   our   Privacy   Policy   is available  on our  website  or  by  contacting  us  and requesting a copy. Your   privacy   is   important   to   us   and   we   are committed   to   ensuring   compliance   with   the Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) and the Australian Privacy  Principles  forming  part  of  that  Act.  The personal information that we collect from you will only  be  used  by  us  to  assist  in  the  planning  of education  seminars  and  the  provision  of  advice and services to clients.You    are    entitled    to    access    your    personal information  which  LTT  holds.    You  also  have  the right  to  correct,  or  ask  us  to  correct,  information about you that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Our associations & relationships with others..

We  do  not  have  any  relationships  or  associations with    financial    product    issuers    which    might influence  us  in  providing  you  with  our  financial services. We    have    entered    into    referral arrangements with product issuers but this has no influence    on the    provision    of    our    advisory services.Please  note  that  we  do  recommend  clients  use the  broking  services  of  Forex  CFDs  and  obtain  a subscription  to  SmartCharts  software  for  use  in conjunction  with  our  training,  and  your  trading. SmartCharts is an associated company of LTT, and using   its   services   provides   a   more   seamless process.    However  clients  are  free  to  use  other providers  in  implementing  our  risk  management and trading strategies.

How you can contact us..

Mail:  LEARN TO TRADE PTY LTD., Level 12, 141 Walker Street, North Sydney 2060 NSW

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 General Advice Warning

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